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Sorry, due to the nature of my shameless acts, well not really acts but more like blogs…..

Sorry, due to the nature of my shameless BLOGS I’ve gone ahead and locked up the posts from public, but usually all that is needed is a comment to let me know who you are. I’m pretty easy that way. Wait,….. wait…… I mean easy going.


Working on some more Terragen techniques:

In the meantime, I finally got a chance to go to Pearl Paint. Man, I love that place. I can't believe I had not gone sooner.

Here's my take:

Schmincke 90 Common Set (Favorite, pastel is just like soft butter):

Sennelier 50 Fleurs (Hard to find, last in shop):

Sennelier 25 Figure & Sennelier 25 Landscape:

Faber Castel 60 peice set:

Remember that Terragen pic? I changed the sun's position, lowered it for a sunset, changed the sky to a deep violet, and changed the light to a cool mellow blue:


"When you look up Afterglow in the dictionary, it is defined as 'the glow or light that remains once the sun is gone'. You're used to this bright, shiny beautiful glow but the moment the sun disappears, all of a sudden you have to readjust everything. It's a very transitional moment. A lot of these songs are about transition...the turning over of the rock, what's underneath, the murky, shadowy uncertainty where everything looks very different."
- Sarah McLachlan